Interior Design for Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants

We travel a lot, all over the world. Hotels and restaurants are our home and our kitchen when we are away from home. These buildings are also our work and we look at them through the eyes of those who must create welcoming and pleasant living areas, evocative and functional.


The essences of woods, the finishes of the walls, the arrangement of lights, the balance of volumes, the refined details, the ornaments, the design of the tables, the fabric of a sofa, and many other items, are as the colors on the a painter's palette. Used with skill can profoundly change the perception of the environment, be it a dining room, a room or a hall of a hotel, a lounge bar.


The HCSdesign team has a consolidated experience in interior design for restaurants, bars and hotels.


  •  We convert your idea and your needs in a draft design,
  •  we assist you in the selection of components and craft works,
  •  we create the final design, with plants, lights and every detail,
  •  we know and have worked with the best furniture manufacturers and the best suppliers companies,
  •  we have a network of talented Italian artisans,
  •  we take care of the transport, logistics and assembly,
  •  we follow each phase from the start of the works to the execution of finishings,
  •  we check the quality of execution to deliver a job perfectly executed, "turnkey".

That's the way we serve you.

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