Interior Design for Public and Commercial Buildings

Offices, meeting rooms, reception halls are just some of the environments that characterize administrative and public buildings, or for development and research. Every company or administration has an image that is reflected in their work environments, whether they are dedicated to insiders, whether they are dedicated to customer relationships. Our challenge as designers is to make choices functional and aesthetic, that enhance this image and the values that in this image are enclosed.


We designed from a single workstation to an administrative complex and we think that if your goal, like ours, is excellence, then we will certainly offer you the solution you are looking for in interior desing .


Commercial businesses require specific design features, carefully studied. We have provided design solutions to renowned brands in the world. We have worked for large shopping malls, individual shops, point of sale prestigious and also for the construction of exhibition stands.


  •  We convert your idea and your needs in a draft design,
  •  we assist you in the selection of components and craft works,
  •  we create the final design, with plants, lights and every detail,
  •  we know and have worked with the best furniture manufacturers and the best suppliers companies,
  •  we have a network of talented Italian artisans,
  •  we take care of the transport, logistics and assembly,
  •  we follow each phase from the start of the works to the execution of finishings,
  •  we check the quality of execution to deliver a job perfectly executed, "turnkey".

That's the way we serve you.

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