Manufactoring Solutions for Furniture Industry and Artisans

We produce for a third party, and have an excellent track record in development of high end products

In that case, our procedure is the following:

  •  Firstly we sign the NDA agreement that provides the information exchange environment for the future communication
    • This NDA also guaranties you that your design is produced only with your permission
    • Also guaranties us that the design belongs to the purchaser of the development services (you own the design or rights for the exploitation of the design)
  •  After we have this agreement signed we can proceed with exchange of information
  •  We use the received documentation to perform the product development appraisal process, and you receive our quote for this phase of the development (this quote depends a lot on how much is developed your documentation – we prefer SolidWorks and it is less work for us, which means it is cheaper for you)
  •  Our engineers develop all necessary technical documentation
  •  You approve our drawings and we can give you the prototyping price
  •  Once prototype is perfected approved we can give you our production price – this will be our ex-works price

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